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Andrea Cottrill is constantly amazed at her Lord Jesus Christ and desires to offer her life in worship to Him.  She believes that worship is a relentless, radical pursuit of Jesus Christ.  She is passionate about the presence of God and longs to see hearts reawakened to the Lord. 


Andrea grew up in a Christian home and gave her life to the Lord at the age of 9.  She began playing the piano at age 5 and also sings and plays guitar.  Andrea first became involved in worship ministry when she was 14 years old.  She then studied music at Grove City College and graduated in 2007 with degrees in music and business.  In 2010, after several months of prayer and fasting, the Lord called Andrea to take a big step of faith to study theology and worship in Pasadena, California at Fuller Theological Seminary.  In 2014, she graduated from Fuller with a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry with an emphasis in Worship & Music Ministry.  


Because of her love for the Lord, Andrea has a heart for leading others in vibrant, energetic, reverent worship to the Lord.  She is called to be a fierce, bold, end times, prophetic worship leader.  She also has a calling from God to teach others about worship and loving God extravagantly.  Andrea is a mentor who enjoys working with youth worship teams and discipling other worship leaders.  She has a calling to lead people in worship and to raise up the next generation of passionate leaders.



Richard 'Rich' Cottrill is a passionate young man fueled by a burning passion for the Lord.  His passion comes from his testimony in which growing up, he followed the culture and society around him that did not follow the Lord.  His early dealings with the Church had left him hurt and sour towards the corporate church setting.  However, while Rich was in his early 20's the Lord began to change his heart and entire life.


In 2010, God called Richard back to a local church where he gave his life to the Lord.  From that very moment of transformation, the Lord began lighting a burning flame deep within his heart.  Richard now serves in churches to open the eyes of hearts and turn them towards God. 


Because of his own experiences in witnessing disunity in the Church body, Rich now leads a ministry that fuels a passion for unity in the Church and being passionately in love with Jesus Christ.  He focuses on the importance of love, intimacy with Christ, and unity.


Musically, Richard has been playing in the local music scene for over 11 years with many types of music groups.  It wasn't until the Lord called him into a lifestyle of worship when Richard found his true calling and gifting.  As he studied deeper and deeper into the Word of God, it became apparent to Richard what he was called to do. 


In May 2014 while attending a Rick Pino Worship Night, Richard received an undoubted call into ministry education and vocation.  Through the blessing of the Lord, Richard received funds from strangers who told him God told them to bless him with funds to attend Rick Pino's Heart of David Internship.  His call was confirmed several times that night. 


While attending the Heart of David Internship in Austin, Texas, Richard underwent the greatest heart change of his life.  Throughout many hours of cultivation of intimacy with the Lord, Richard received more direction on his calling.  The Lord has called him to stir up hunger in people, to reawaken lives, and to point hearts towards the Lord. 


Laying down his life as a voice in the wilderness, Richard is determined to teach people the extreme importance of having a deep and passionate love-filled relationship with the Lord. 










Jason Barth has been a Christ follower all of his life.  Jason was raised in the church and he first accepted the Lord in a small tent gathering at a music festival in Kentucky during his sixth-grade year in school.  It’s no coincidence that music led him to the Lord.  Jason started playing drums during his junior high and high school years in the band at school and with friends.  Jason started playing drums for church in his early 20s and that is where God developed his ear for dynamics in drumming during worship music.  He quickly discovered that his skills and talents increased when he played music for the Lord.  

Jason’s life hasn’t always been an easy road.  At one point in his life he drifted away from God, even as a Christian, and came to a crossroad where he had to make a choice, follow God or struggle through life on his own.  Jason chose following Christ and rededicated himself to the Lord.  Jason then grew deeper in his walk with God and developed a relationship with Him.  His new relationship opened his eyes to what God can do and strengthened his faith.  His new life verse became: Philippians 4:13, I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me The Strength.  

During a 3 year hiatus from worship music, Jason prayed for the Lord to lead him back to music in the Lord’s timing.  He did not want to seek it himself and let the Lord open the door.  That is when he received a phone call from his music friend Steve Drown asking him to play drums with ReAwaken Ministries.  The first time Jason joined the band, he knew God had led him to a special group, a family, a ministry of music that God would bless as long as all members were faithful.  Jason is excited and humbled to be a part of ReAwaken Ministries and the journey God has for this special ministry. 

Stephen 'Steve' Drown has always been intrigued by Jesus' teaching, "the first shall be last and the last shall be first."  Viewing this teaching in contrast to the reality of a world that chooses itself over everyone else, Stephen finds himself unable to shake these words spoken by the man claiming to be the Savior of ALL.  He has chosen a life of service, daily hoping to be in the presence of any who could be shown the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus. 

Stephen grew up with Jesus from the very beginning.  He grew up in the Catholic Church and attended many different Bible studies and groups with his family and friends both together and separately.  During that time, Stephen's brother began bringing an acoustic guitar to the studies.  Stephen began to fervently desire music and quickly developed a love of worship music.  In 2003, he joined his first worship team and began to learn more and more of his craft.  He moved from the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar and was on fire for the Lord!

In 2010, he attended an Emmaus Walk.  For the first time, he found a true experience of love and unity among brothers in Christ!  During the third night of the Emmaus Walk, beneath the open arms of a stained glass Jesus he saw the prophecy of music ministry, a piano, and the wonderful cross.  Since that time, he has given his gift in any way he can!  He has led music for several Emmaus walks, travels to several churches for Sunday worship, has mentored young guitarists who now play on Sunday mornings at their home churches, and continues to mentor and teach when the opportunity presents itself.

Soon after, Stephen met Rich Cottrill and was asked to play on Sunday morning for worship team.  Upon entering the church, Stephen and Andrea quickly realized that they had met once before!  At that moment, Stephen knew that there was something bigger coming than Sunday worship.  ReAwaken Ministries would eventually become his main focus.


Richard & Andrea Cottrill are the Co-Founders and Leaders of ReAwaken Ministries.  Both Rich and Andrea are from Sandusky, Ohio and have been called by God to lead an end times ministry that is fueled by intimacy with the Lord.  They have laid down their lives to reawaken the Church to the life-changing power of God using gifts in worship, art, teaching, and preaching.


The Lord brought Rich and Andrea together through worship ministry, and their partnership is rooted in the assignment God has given them to live passionately for the Lord.  They have said yes to walking by faith with God and have agreed to do whatever it takes to see God's people set the eyes of their hearts on Him.

As the ministry began to grow, the Lord connected Rich and Andrea with band members and close friends.  Jason Barth is now the drummer and Steve Drown is an electric guitar player.  Get to know the full band by reading about their personal stories, callings, and testimonies below!


Our personal testimonies & stories...

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